Party Photography

Here are some of my party pictures. I am very picky about which of the photos I upload and broadcast. So if you can’t find yourself, I unfortunately couldn’t find a picture, where you looked just as awesome as your danceing was.

As I am getting better, I hope, I will have more and more useable pictures of you 🙂

If I have uploaded an Image of you, that you don’t feel comfortable with, please do not hesitate to tell me, I will delete your Image right away.

about me

Hi, it’s so nice having you here!

I am an amateur photographer who loves getting the knick about taking pictures, finding all the right motives and practice various techniques. Until I succeed at that, my wapon to get great pictures is editing.

After having spent quite some time with macro and landscape photography, I am now challenging myself with party photography in order to combine two big passions of mine.

Since I dont want to expose people, I hope you understand, that I will not put all my pictures online but only those, that I like. If you should not like one of the images of you, please do tell me, I will of course delete it right away.



contact me

You want to get input, have questions, feedback or want to get pictures edited? Cool, please let me know what is going through your head! I will answer as soon as I can.